Testimonial widgets

Senja isn't only about collecting testimonials. We have a series of powerful testimonial widgets that allow you to share collections of your testimonials where and when you need them most.

Our widgets can help you increase visitors to your website, convert more visitors into sign ups, improve new user activation, close more sales, hire better people and close more sales. View our most popular widgets here:

Wall of Love Page

The Wall of Love for Roast My Landing Page

A link to a collection of your testimonials in a mosaic: known as a Wall of Love. Great for linking on your website menu, social channels, or sharing with leads.

See an example Wall of Love on Roast My Landing Page.

Wall of Love Embedded

Superblog embeds their Wall of Love directly into their landing page

A collection of your testimonials in a mosaic, that you embed into a landing page. Helps turn more visitors into sign ups. Can also be used on other critical pages like your Demo Page and your Sign Up Page. See an example here.

Hero Testimonials Widget

Roast My Landing Page embeds our Hero testimonial widget

A Collection of 3 testimonials that you can embed in your landing page Hero [first section of the page]. Inspired by Basecamp's landing page. View example on Roast My Landing Page.

Sign Up Page Testimonials Widget

A carousel of featured testimonial that you can embed on your Sign Up page, adding social proof to the most critical page in your acquisition funnel.

Tool: Generate testimonial images

Use our tool to quickly generate images from your testimonials. Sized for Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and LinkedIn. Testimonials should be part of your paid marketing and social strategy as they help drive more visitors and sales.

Checkout Page testimonials [Coming soon]

A small collection of 1 - 3 testimonials that you can embed on your Checkout Page.

Sales document widget [Coming soon]

A PDF document of testimonials that you can send to your leads to close more deals. Sales prospects will be wow-ed by your documents, especially if you use Collections to select the most relevant testimonials for their use case.

YouTube remix widget [Coming soon]

Generate a short YouTube video that remixes your video testimonials. Embed anywhere you can embed a YouTube video. Example coming soon.